Journey 2 Jannah

Embarking on a spiritual and educational expedition, Journey2Jannah shines as a prime example of PB Digital's prowess in creating fun, engaging and gamified platforms on Wordpress. Melding vibrant visuals with user-centric design, it encapsulates our commitment to delivering engaging and secure digital experiences tailored for young learners.

Core Tech Stack: Wordpress, BuddyBoss, Learndash, Gamipress


Guitarist Academy

PB Digital hits the right chord with the Guitarist Academy app, bringing a fresh wave to digital music tutorials. Through step-by-step lessons and interactive challenges, users find themselves immersed in a learning environment that caters to both novices and aficionados.

Core Tech Stack: Wordpress, React Native, BuddyBoss, Learndash, Gamipress


Raising Empowered Kids

This unique platform not only introduces kids to the world of business but also nurtures their inherent creativity, determination, and leadership skills. Through interactive lessons, real-world challenges, and guidance from established entrepreneurs, we ensure our young users are poised to make a lasting impact.

Core Tech Stack: Wordpress, BuddyBoss, Memberium.


Public Ventures

Public Ventures is an exclusive community that prides itself on being more than just a network. Comprising executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders, this invite-only group is a testament to collective dedication. Their unified goal? To be long-term investors passionately supporting the groundbreaking companies they believe in.

Core Tech Stack: Wordpress, Buddyboss, Custom API Development


Worodoro App

PB Digital introduces a fusion of productivity and play with the Wordodoro app. Harnessing the time-management prowess of the Pomodoro technique, users set focus intervals to work diligently. The reward for their effort? The opportunity to engage in a Wordle-inspired game.

Core Tech Stack: React Native


Star Rewards

A testament to PB Digital's innovative approach, Star Rewards seamlessly gamifies the learning experience. It showcases our ability to transform mundane tasks into thrilling quests, underpinned by vibrant graphics and a reward system that keeps users hooked. This feature is a beacon of our expertise

Core Tech Stack: Wordpress, React Native, Gamipress


Blossom Bariatrics

The Blossom Bariatrics portal's streamlined design and intuitive navigation accentuate our commitment to ensuring an informed and seamless patient journey. It stands as a testament to our knack for merging functionality with aesthetics, making complex medical processes accessible and engaging for patients.

Core Tech Stack: Wordpress, BuddyBoss, Memberium


Focus Rewards Mobile App

This React Native masterpiece allows users to set tailored focus sessions, guiding them towards their objectives with unwavering concentration. But it's not all work and no play; upon completing these focus sessions, users are greeted with rewarding incentives, adding a touch of motivation and delight to their diligence.

Core Tech Stack: React Native


Voss Coaching

Voss Coaching  provide coaching and mentoring to help people a live a life of excellence and enjoy a life of freedom.

Core Tech Stack: Wordpress, Buddyboss, LearnDash, Memberium


The Online dog training

The Online Dog Training provide courses and training to help dog owners to rapidly transform their dog into a well-behaved, obedient furry friends.

Core Tech Stack: Wordpress, BuddyBoss, LearnDash, GamiPress, Memberium