The Online
Dog Trainer


The Online Dog Trainer approached PB Digital with the vision of enhancing their digital footprint and elevating their e-learning platform to offer a more engaging and accessible experience for dog lovers.

With a rich repository of training content, their goal was to simplify the user journey, making it easier for users to access, engage with, and benefit from their extensive dog training programs.

PB Digital's task was to streamline the online interface, optimize for user-friendly navigation, and ensure a seamless learning environment for all canine enthusiasts.


Our team embarked on a comprehensive redesign of the platform, prioritizing ease of use and interactivity.

Login Screens

The revamped login screens were designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. We introduced social media sign-in options to streamline the process and implemented a "remember me" function for quicker access. Security features were also enhanced, reassuring users that their data is safe while they focus on training their furry friends.


A new onboarding experience was created to guide users through the platform's features and tools. Short, informative videos introduce the methodology behind The Online Dog Trainer's success, while interactive walkthroughs help users set up their profiles and begin their first lessons. This approach was designed to foster a supportive community feel, welcoming users to the world of positive dog training.


With a focus on creating an intuitive and structured learning experience, PB Digital revolutionized the user journey for The Online Dog Trainer's audience. We implemented a gamified pathway that provides clear progression markers, making it easier for users to track their accomplishments and upcoming challenges.

Celebratory badges and coherent level-up screens foster a sense of achievement, encouraging consistent engagement and the rewarding feeling of advancing through the course.


We designed a user-friendly dashboard that serves as the central hub for learners on The Online Dog Trainer platform. This dashboard was tailored to allow users to effortlessly resume their learning journey, access their course history, and view personalized recommendations. The seamless integration of progress tracking ensures learners stay motivated and on track towards their dog training goals.

Course Library

Our team curated a comprehensive course library for The Online Dog Trainer, making it simple for users to find and select courses aligned with their training needs. The library interface combines an elegant design with an organized layout, ensuring that resources are easily accessible, whether on desktop or mobile devices. This effectively streamlined the course selection process, thereby enhancing the overall learning experience.

Mobile App

Recognizing the modern learner's need for flexibility, PB Digital developed a mobile application for The Online Dog Trainer that delivers a full-fledged e-learning experience on the go. This app includes features such as interactive content, offline access to materials, and push notifications to keep learners engaged. The app’s user-centric design ensures that every dog owner has access to expert training advice, anytime and anywhere.


Empowering owners to share the joy of well-behaved pets, The Online Dog Trainer’s Referral Program rewards both the referrer and the newcomer. It's a win-win where the community grows and each new connection leads to more tails wagging in harmony. Users can invite friends directly from the platform and track their referral status, all while earning exclusive perks.

Daily Goal

The Online Dog Trainer encourages consistent training with its innovative Daily Goal feature. Tailored to each user's progress, the goals are designed to motivate and guide pet owners through their training journey. With trackable daily objectives, users can celebrate every small victory, ensuring that both the dog and owner are engaged and progressing each day.


Learning becomes an adventure with The Online Dog Trainer’s gamified experience. Users can unlock achievements, earn badges, and track their progress on leaderboards. Each completed task not only brings them closer to their goals but also contributes to a greater sense of community and accomplishment. From beginner to expert, the journey is filled with rewarding milestones, ensuring learning is fun and effective.


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