At PB Digital, we take pride in crafting innovative digital experiences that merge functionality with fun. Our latest creation, Wordodoro, exemplifies this philosophy. Designed to revolutionize downtime, Wordodoro is an app that challenges users with word puzzles while helping them manage their work sessions with a built-in focus timer. It's more than an app; it's a productivity companion.

Our Approach
We embraced a user-centric design approach, ensuring that every element of Wordodoro was intuitive, engaging, and, most importantly, useful. From the addictive word-guessing games to the Pomodoro-inspired focus tracker, each feature was meticulously crafted to support the user's mental agility and time management.

Tech Stack:
React Native, Redux


Wordodoro boasts an array of features that make productivity feel like play:

Focus Tracker

Wordodoro’s focus tracker is designed for users to customize their productivity sessions. With intuitive controls and visual progress indicators, managing time has never been so simple—or so much fun.

How To Play

It’s easy to get started:Set your focus timer and work distraction-free.Use breaks to enjoy word puzzles and rejuvenate your brain. Track your progress and build up a streak of productive days.

Guess A Word

Challenge your vocabulary with Wordodoro’s Guess A Word feature. With each correct guess, users earn points that unlock new levels and additional features, keeping the experience fresh and exciting.


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