Public Ventures stands as an emblem of unity and ambition among executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders. This invite-only community transcends traditional networks, focusing on a collective mission to passionately support and invest in groundbreaking companies with a long-term perspective.

Tech Stack: Wordpress, BuddyBoss, Monday.com, Twilio


At PB Digital, we understand that the essence of Public Ventures lies in its unique blend of vision, leadership, and innovation. With this in mind, we meticulously developed a suite of features designed to not only reflect the exclusivity and ambition of its members but also to enhance their experience with practical, cutting-edge tools.

Stock Watchlist

Our custom-built Stock Watchlist is tailored for the discerning investor. Members can track their favorite companies in real time, staying ahead of market trends and making informed decisions with ease.

Company Info Screen

This feature provides in-depth insights into each company within the network. From financials to strategic visions, the Company Info Screen is a comprehensive tool for members to deeply understand their potential investments.

Custom Dashboard

Designed for efficiency and personalization, the Custom Dashboard allows members to access a tailored view of their interests, investments, and more. This central hub is both intuitive and informative, embodying the essence of streamlined decision-making.

Sponsored Members

Recognizing the importance of mentorship and sponsorship, this feature facilitates the integration of new members into Public Ventures. Sponsored Members have access to exclusive insights and guidance, ensuring a seamless transition into the community.

Resource Center

The Resource Center is a powerhouse of knowledge, offering members access to valuable materials like market analyses, trend reports, and expert opinions. It's a vital tool for those committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and market intelligence.

Mobile UI

Understanding the need for on-the-go accessibility, we developed a sophisticated Mobile UI that mirrors the functionality and experience of the desktop platform. Members can now engage with the community, access resources, and monitor investments anytime, anywhere


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