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The "Star Rewards App" is a revolutionary digital take on the traditional star reward chart. Designed for iPhones and powered by WordPress and Gamipress through a custom REST API, this application bridges the gap between parents and their children in a fun and modern way.

It offers a digital platform for parents to acknowledge and reward their children's good behavior, transforming everyday parenting into an interactive experience.


Delve into the engaging features of the Star Rewards App, tailored to transform traditional parenting techniques into a fun, interactive digital experience:

New User Onboarding

The app ensures a seamless onboarding experience for users. As soon as parents download the app, they're guided step-by-step, from creating a profile to understanding the functionalities. The intuitive design prompts users to enter their child's name, setting the stage for a personalized journey.

Star Collecting

A core feature of the app, star collecting is where the magic happens. Children are motivated to exhibit good behavior in the hopes of earning stars. With real-time updates, children can see their star count increase, driving enthusiasm. Moreover, the "Bonus Stars" and "Setbacks" sections allow parents to add or deduct stars based on exceptional achievements or mishaps, ensuring a balanced reward system.

Bonus Stars

The Bonus Stars feature stands at the heart of this app, offering a tailor-made experience for parents eager to celebrate their child's special moments. From significant milestones, like presenting a stellar report card, to everyday acts of kindness such as being caring towards a sibling, parents have the flexibility to create custom tasks.

Star Setbacks

Star Setbacks: Guiding with Balance and PerspectiveThe Star Setbacks feature serves as a constructive approach to guide children towards better habits and manners.

While the app celebrates accomplishments, it's equally crucial to address areas of improvement. Whether it's neglecting chores, avoiding homework, or occasional misbehavior, parents can introduce these as 'setbacks', leading to a minor reduction in stars.


The Rewards section of the app is where dreams come true for every child. After collecting stars through various tasks and activities, children can finally redeem them for tangible rewards.

Be it a toy they've had their eyes on, a day out at their favorite amusement park, or even a special treat, the choices are vast and exciting. Parents can set up these rewards, and as children accumulate enough stars, they can track their progress towards their goal.

Reward Goals

Reward Goals is an intuitive addition to the app's reward system, designed to infuse purpose and direction into a child's journey. Instead of merely accumulating stars without a clear end, this feature allows children to handpick a reward they're passionate about. As stars are earned through tasks and good behavior, they can actively track their progress, instilling a sense of determination and goal-oriented mindset.


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