Rewards App


The Focus Rewards App is an innovative tool designed by PB Digital to assist users in managing their time effectively while incorporating the joy of rewards. Bridging the gap between productivity and gratification, the app offers an engaging approach to completing tasks and earning incentives.

Features at a glace:
- Task Completion: Set and achieve tasks with an interactive, user-friendly interface.
- Reward System: Earn rewards as you complete tasks, keeping you motivated.
- Focus Sessions: Customizable timers help you work in focused sprints.
- Mood Tracker: Reflect on and record your emotional state throughout the day.

Tech Stack:
React Native, Redux


The Focus Rewards app introduces a suite of features to encourage consistent productivity and positive reinforcement

Focus Session

The Focus Session is a core feature of the app, utilizing the proven Pomodoro Technique to enhance concentration. Users can set a timer for work intervals followed by breaks, promoting a balanced approach.

Mood Tracker

The Mood Tracker provides users with a way to acknowledge their current emotions, offering insights into how feelings can influence productivity. It's designed to help users find patterns in their mood and work habits.

Daily Goals

Set daily objectives and watch productivity soar. Users can tailor their daily goals to their personal workflow, and let Focus Rewards keep them on track. Every completed task brings them one step closer to success and rewards!


Stay motivated by earning rewards for every milestone you reach. With Focus Rewards, hard work pays off—literally.

Users unlock achievements, collect points, and treat themselves for their dedication to staying focused and finishing tasks.

Focus Session Tracking

Discover the power of dedicated work sessions with real-time tracking. Focus Rewards helps users focus, learn their productivity patterns, and adjust their habits for peak efficiency.


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