Empowered Kids


Project Overview:
In an ambitious collaboration with "Raising Empowered Kids," PB Digital embarked on a transformative project to kindle the entrepreneurial spirit in children. Our goal was to create an interactive, educational, and inspiring platform that empowers the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Innovative Learning Approach:Recognizing the unique challenge of engaging a young audience, we developed a vibrant and user-friendly interface filled with engaging content, interactive modules, and real-world applications. Our approach combines storytelling with practical exercises, making the concept of entrepreneurship accessible and captivating for children.

Engaging Content & Design:We crafted a diverse range of materials tailored for young learners, including animated videos, interactive quizzes, and relatable case studies. Each element of the platfom.

Tech Stack:
Wordpress, BuddyBoss, Gamipress, LearnDash


After setting the stage with a foundation deeply rooted in innovative learning and engagement, "Raising Empowered Kids" seamlessly integrates its mission into tangible features. Each element is meticulously crafted to not just inform, but to inspire.

Login Screens

Stepping into the world of entrepreneurship is an exhilarating journey, and we've ensured that your first step is both engaging and secure. Upon the initial login, users are prompted to choose a character-based avatar. This unique feature enables young learners to personalize their learning experience. More importantly, in the interest of safety and privacy, we've intentionally excluded photo uploads, ensuring that while our young users remain protected.

Daily Goal

Learning is a continuous journey, and setting goals is an integral part of it. With the 'Daily Goal Setting' feature, young entrepreneurs can select their learning intensity - from 'Basic' to 'Intense'. This self-paced approach ensures that every learner can challenge themselves according to their comfort level, fostering discipline and motivation. Stay on track, set your daily goals, and watch your entrepreneurial skills flourish!


At the heart of the platform lies the Dashboard, a visually rich and interactive space where users can view their progress, access various learning modules, and immerse themselves in the vibrant world of entrepreneurship. Crafted with intuitive design and colorful graphics, the dashboard serves as a central hub, providing learners with an organized and enjoyable learning experience.

Custom LearnDash UI

Diving deep into the learning experience should always be exciting, and with the custom-designed LearnDash UI, we've ensured just that. Going beyond the standard, we've enhanced the platform by incorporating vibrant graphics and an intuitive layout, making every interaction a delight. By infusing colorful graphics, we've transformed the interface into an environment that captivates learners, ensuring that every moment spent on the platform is as enjoyable as it is educational.


Learning becomes infinitely more enjoyable when combined with a touch of play. To elevate the experience for our young entrepreneurs, we've integrated a comprehensive gamification system. From accumulating points, advancing through different levels, earning badges, and celebrating achievements, learners are constantly motivated to achieve more. And for that extra dash of excitement, the 'Spin to Win' feature introduces a fun element where users can spin the wheel for chances to earn exclusive rewards. This blend of education and entertainment ensures that every user is engaged, motivated, and having fun on their entrepreneurial journey.

Gear Store

Empowerment and engagement go hand in hand. With "Raising Empowered Kids", we've seamlessly blended learning with play, enabling children to take charge of their virtual journey. As children engage with the platform, they earn coins that symbolize their progress and commitment. These aren't just any coins – they're a currency of empowerment, a reflection of the knowledge they've gained. And what better way to use this currency than in the "Gear Store"?

Here, children can personalize their avatars, making them as unique as they are. From stylish hats to funky glasses and trendy backpacks, the choices are endless. Every item they redeem is a badge of honor, a testament to their learning journey. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling proud of every achievement. Dive in, customize, and wear your knowledge with pride!


Other Screens