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We Specialise In Designing and Building Custom Membership Sites and Mobile Apps That Are Engaging & Fun To Use

Create a community of happy members, and have them coming back for more.


Custom WordPress Membership Sites & Mobile Apps

Do you have and idea for a membership site, or seen something out there, but you don’t know how to build it? Have tried hiring developers before, but find that they never work out?

Imagine having a team of designers and developers who are experts in building gamified membership sites and mobile apps that are engaging & fun to use at your disposal, helping you to build the next big thing.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve worked with numerous 6 and 7 figure online businesses, and we’ve helped them take their sites to the next level.

You won’t find another company that will work as hard as us to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish. Whether you have an idea in mind or not, we can create something custom just for you that your members/students will absolutely love.


From idea to completed product

We apply a SIX-STEP PROCESS to your project with three stages of approval


In this time we will chat about your goals, vision, current situation, budget and requirements


Now it’s time to put our thinking caps on and create a plan for you to help you achieve your goals


Once all your designs have been approved, our developers will code your website or app.

3UI Design

Our design team will next create a collection of wireframes and mockups for you to review


Now your product is fully built, the Testing Phase can take place to hunt down any possible issues.


After your project is fully tested it’s time to LAUNCH and your new website or app is live!


How To Build a Gamified Membership Site With BuddyBoss

See our work firsthand by going through this step by step course.

If you use BuddyBoss, or have been thinking about using BuddyBoss, then you’ll absolutely love this course.

Included in this FREE courses are some exclusive plugins and templates we’ve made that will save you thousands of dollars in development.


What our clients say about us

Jacques Hopkins


We found Paul / PB Digital through a colleague. It was a time when we were struggling mightily with our I.T. infrastructure and Infusionsoft needs.

At first, I was a bit skeptical because we'd been sold a bill of poo from previous providers. They promised a lot but never lived up to those "guarantees". However, since our colleague spoke so highly and seeing Paul's interaction online, we decided to give them a shot.

In the past 18 months, PB has helped us to build 5 highly-involved websites. They've helped us to re-brand and create 4 beautiful brands along the way. For the first time in our 5 year existence, I feel like our IT and Design is where it should be…100% due to the work of the PB Digital Team.

I HIGHLY recommend PB Digital to those who want a custom solution from hard-working individuals who are subject matter experts. Only one exception - if you take them away from me, I will hunt you down and gut you like a fish! They are our secret weapon.

Ben Robinson

Founder, Bookkeepers.com


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You need a partner, not just a developer

Having worked with a number of successful six and seven figure online business over the past 5 years, we know a thing or two when it comes to membership sites, include the mistakes most people make with thier membership sites and how to avoid them. And since, we live and breathe WordPress, BuddyBoss, LearnDash, Gamipress & Memberium, etc… We know how to increase engagement, reduce churn, and make people love your site.


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