At PB Digital, our mission is to harness the power of technology and design to create memorable digital experiences. For the "JOURNEY2 JANNAH" project, we delved deep into a specialized tech stack tailored for engaging learning environments.

Utilizing the BuddyBoss theme and plugin as our foundational layer, we integrated the educational prowess of the LearnDash plugin. To amplify user engagement, we incorporated the GamiPress plugin, ensuring a gamified learning experience.

However, our commitment didn't stop there. Recognizing the platform's core audience—children aged between 5 and 11—we embarked on extensive custom UI enhancements.

Our design ethos was clear: make learning captivating. With vibrant visuals and playful designs, we transformed the platform into a digital wonderland, ensuring children are not just learning but are wholly immersed in a world of exploration and fun.


Innovation meets design. Explore the highlights of our work on "JOURNEY2 JANNAH":

Avatar Store

At the heart of our avatar store lies the power of GamiPress, allowing us to craft an immersive gamified experience for students. By logging in, completing lessons, and actively participating, students earn coins.

These earned coins can then be spent to customize avatars, making each student's digital persona unique. This not only adds a personal touch but also serves as a continuous incentive for students to immerse themselves further into their educational journey.


At PB Digital, we understand that every user's journey is unique. Our onboarding process for "JOURNEY2 JANNAH" is meticulously crafted to cater to diverse roles. Whether you're a school leader, teacher, parent, or student, our system recognizes and tailors the experience to suit.

This ensures a smooth, intuitive, and personalized entry into the platform, setting the stage for an engaging and productive interaction from the outset.

Classroom Attendance

Integrated with the BuddyBoss Groups functionality, our Classroom Attendance feature brings ease to educators' routines. Teachers can swiftly mark students as present, away, or late. Beyond real-time monitoring, this data seamlessly feeds into detailed attendance reports, offering educators vital insights right at their fingertips.

Classroom Rewards

Utilizing the capabilities of BuddyBoss Groups, our Classroom Rewards system is designed to cultivate a positive learning atmosphere.

Teachers can assign points to students in recognition of commendable behavior, and conversely, deduct points where behavior falls short of classroom expectations.

This not only drives students to consistently put forth their best efforts but also equips teachers with a practical tool for classroom management.

Family Management

Crafted to bridge the communication gap between schools and homes, our Family Management feature is a game-changer. Schools can effortlessly add families into the platform, linking them directly to their children's profiles. This integration not only fortifies the bond between educational institutions and families but also empowers parents with direct access to monitor and celebrate their child's progress in real-time.

Learning Pathways

Transforming conventional online education, we've introduced Learning Pathways—an immersive journey where students navigate through courses as exciting adventures. Gone is the mundane linear progression; in its place, a vivid, interactive map where each lesson is a milestone, and quizzes act as checkpoints. As students engage, they're not just learning; they're embarking on a voyage, collecting rewards, and celebrating achievements with certificates. Dive into this vibrant educational landscape and witness learning come alive like never before!

Mystery Prizes

Fueling the thrill of learning, the unique "Mystery Prizes" feature elevates student engagement to new heights. Integrated seamlessly with GamiPress, every time students log their reading and study sessions, they inch closer to a surprise.

After diligently completing 25 study sessions, a window to the unknown opens, granting them access to unlock a random mystery prize. And the intrigue doesn't stop there!

These prizes are designed as collectible Quranic animals, challenging students to gather all 25, making the journey of knowledge both rewarding and fun-filled. Dive into this mysterious realm and witness the fusion of education and excitement.

Practice Tracker

Ensuring consistent progress and dedication, the "Practice Tracker" feature serves as a digital companion to students on their educational journey. Seamlessly integrated, it allows students to log their reading and study sessions, creating a visual map of their efforts.

By gamifying the learning process, every logged session brings students closer to milestones and rewards, fostering both motivation and discipline. With this tool, not only do students get a clear view of their study habits, but teachers and parents can also monitor progress, celebrate achievements, and identify areas for improvement.

Custom Dashboard

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Interactive Quizzes

Understanding the need to make learning not just informative but also engaging, we revamped the conventional quiz design. Our "Interactive Quizzes" are a blend of modern design and gamification. As students navigate through the quiz, they're immersed in a visually appealing environment that stimulates their interest.


Celebrating achievements is essential for maintaining enthusiasm in learning. Our "Certificates" feature offers students a tangible token of their accomplishments. As they progress through courses and nail their assessments, they are awarded vibrant and personalized certificates that can be downloaded and printed.


Other Screens