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At PB Digital, we see beyond the code and design—we uncover the hidden potential of your WordPress membership site. Our free audit is not just a check-up; it’s the first step towards crafting an exceptional experience for your members.

Your Exclusive Invitation to Excellence:
We're offering a select number of complimentary audits each month for visionary site owners ready to elevate their platform. This is your chance to gain expert insights into enhancing engagement, streamlining user journeys, and maximizing the impact of your site.

Tailored Strategies, Unmatched Engagement:
Our audits are bespoke, diving deep into the fabric of your site to identify opportunities for gamification, personalization, and intuitive design. We don’t just identify areas for improvement; we envision a roadmap to revolutionize how users interact with your content.

Secure Your Spot:
Our free audit slots are in high demand and fill quickly. Don’t miss your opportunity to transform your site into a dynamic, engaging community that stands out in the digital landscape.

Detail the Vision for Your Site:
Share with us the aspirations you hold for your membership site. Every detail helps us tailor our audit to your specific needs, ensuring we provide actionable insights that align with your vision.

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To ensure a thorough audit from the perspective of your actual users, please provide us with a student-level login. This will allow us to experience your site exactly as a new member would, following their journey from sign-up to full engagement. If possible create a temporary student account we can utilize.

Note: We respect your privacy and data security. Please do not share admin-level access.


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A journey of innovative digital crafting awaits, and your vision might just be the next spectacular world we bring to life. A PB Digital consultant will delve into your project details and return to you shortly to explore how we can shape the digital future together.
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