Jay Shetty Certification School

For the first time ever, Jay Shetty is sharing his unique coaching approach through an industry-accredited life and success coach training program, the Jay Shetty Certification School.

Tech Stack: Memberium, LearnDash, BuddyBoss Theme, Elementor, Advanced Custom Fields, and Custom Coding.

Membership Site



The traditional approach most sites uses for online learning is so ‘2010’. The new way is using the power of gamification to create a fun and engaging journey for users to complete. As the JSCS site revolves around their certification, we incorporated a ‘Learning Path’ directly into the dashboard to make it easy for users to resume their learning.

Lesson Screen


As JSCS didn’t want an ‘off the shelf’ look and feel to their site, we custom designed and coded a new learn dash Lesson Screen so that users can more easily switch between lessons, access resources, take notes, and more.

Self-Study & Reflection


JSCS were having their users download a PDF version of their journal to fill out. The problem is most people these days don’t have a printer readily available. So what we did was take it digital and built a custom feature into BuddyBoss.


Growth Space


A community can be one of the best things you can add to your site. As we were using the Buddy Boss theme for this project, adding a forum to the site was simple. While we did make some custom tweaks, most of the functionality is handled by BuddyBoss.



Awarding people achievements for completing various tasks is one of the simplest and most effective gamification techniques you can add to your site. 

A little tip: Just be careful not to over do it otherwise it loses it’s effectiveness very quickly.

Referral Program


We built into the site a custom ‘Refer a Friend’ program that uses the power of social sharing to grow students.