Guitarist Academy


The mission of Guitarist Academy is to make learning the guitar easier. Being in a competitive market, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. While working with the Guitarist Academy brand, it was important to create a site that was intuitive, engaging, and gamified.

Mobile App

Login Screens


The Mobile App is built using React Native and integrates seamlessly with WordPress via a custom API we built. This allows users to be able to log in using the same credentials they would use to access the web version of the platform.



One of our favorite gamification techniques is to make it feel like the user is going on a ‘journey‘, where they start at point A, and work they way through the various levels, similar to the old school Mario games we grew up with as kids.



The courses are powered by Learn Dash and data is transferred via an API we built that allows the app to communicate with the site.

Practice Tracker


Learning to play the guitar, like learning any other skill takes practice. So we built a ‘Habit’ style tracker to help users develop the habit of practicing the guitar.



You can be an amazing guitarist, but if your guitar is out of tune, you’ll sound dreadful.

We built a guided guitar tuner that uses the microphone of the phone to listen to the string the user is playing, and guide them through the process of tuning their guitar.



Normally the’ profile’ screens are boring, but we wanted to create something amazing.

So what we did was incorporate ‘Gamification’ that allows users to earn virtual coins by completing lessons, unlocking achievements, and more, and then use them to create their own virtual guitar collection and avatar.

Membership Site



When users log into a membership site for the very first time, they feel lost and unsure of what to do. You dashboard is the hub of your site so you need to make sure it communicates with the user, what they should do next. 

Course Library


While the site uses LearnDash we built a custom Learn Dash template that allows for a better user experience when switching between courses and lessons.


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Practice Tracker

Guitar Gallery


Guitarists love to ‘show off’ their guitars with others. So we thought it would be fun to build a gallery that allows users the ability to upload a photo(s) of their guitar to showcase with other users on the site.