Cole's Classroom


Cole’s Classroom is a large e-learning site with an active community of over 10,000+ monthly paying members.

While with most membership sites we’ll typically set up a second WordPress Installation, with Cole’s Classroom we’ve incorporated their membership into their main site to expose their content to the general public, and gain members through the organic SEO traffic they generate.

Membership Site


A dashboard is the ‘Hub’ of a membership site. It’s the centre of the wheel and a good Dashboard will connect your user with the various content options available to them.

Custom Learndash


Instead of telling you what we did, you can see it for yourself by going to

Training Vault

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Backstage Pass

This feature allows members to follow along with their favorite mentors to observe, learn, and be inspired by a real life photoshoot.

Credit Redemption System integrated with
Active Campaign & WooCommerce

Every month members earn a free product credit as part of their membership which then allows them to purchase actual products from their online store. Using custom code, we’ve incorporate this feature into WooCommerce to allow a smooth checkout experience.

Photo Contest


Cole’s Classroom regularly run a photo contest for their members to allow them to show off their photography while earning some great prizes in the meantime. This is a custom-built feature we made for them.