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Tying It All Together With A Membership Plugin

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Part 2

Side Note: Even though I’m using Memberium (which I do highly recommend, especially if you’re using Keap/Infusionsoft or Active Campaign), you can achieve similar results using other membership plugins such as MemberPress, WP Fusion, WishList Member, etc…

The main goal of a membership plugin is to protect your content, and help deliver a better user experience for your members.

Should I install my membership site on a subdomain (eg.

This is a common question I’ve received over the past 5 years of doing membership site, and my answer is that it really depends on your goals, tech setup, products you’re selling, etc…

The majority of the time we’ll keep the membership site separated from the main site, and we do that by creating a second wordpress installation and installing a theme like BuddyBoss on it.

The reason for this is that membership sites tend to run slower than traditional sites as they have a lot more functionality, and it also allows us to create a tailored user experience to improve engagement, and reduce churn. 

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