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What are Gamification Badges?

Gamification badges don’t have to look like traditional pins, medals, or girl guide patches—but they are distinct icons that reward a specific learner achievement.

Whether it's a student progressing from one module to the next, or an employee adding to their skillset, digital badges let learners know that their success is noticed and appreciated.

Badges can be used with, or as an alternative to, other grading systems such as points or percentages—the key here is that digital badges are not the end goal that learners are working towards. Instead, acquiring badges motivates learners to continue along a learning pathway, picking up micro-credentials on the route to a more formal qualification.

Choose Your Badges

When you're ready to start assigning badges, the first step is to decide which ones you'll use. To help you get started, we've created a list of badges we've used on various projects, which you can find below. Simply select the badges you’d like to add to your site and we’ll design a badge image for you and add it to your site.


Select Your Options

Option 1: Would you like PB Digital to design the badges or will you be providing them to us?(Required)
Option 2: Would you like PB Digital to add the badges to your site and configure the rules in GamiPress?(Required)
Option 3: Would you like us to design a section on your site that allows users to see their list of achievements? If you're using BuddyBoss, this usually a tab/section found in Members Profile(Required)
Option 4: Would you like to display a celebratory popup when users are awarded an achievement?(Required)
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Option 4: Would you like to display a celebratory popup (click here to see a demo) when users are awarded an achievement?(Required)
Please let us know if you have any questions or comments in the box below. We'll be in touch soon to follow up on your project.

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