Raising Empowered Kids

Raising Empowered Kids (REK) offers a variety of books and online programs that empower kids to excel in entrepreneurship and in life… all while putting smiles on their faces!

Login Screens

All membership sites start with a Login Screen, and it’s important to create a great first impression and welcoming experience. We built a simple Login screen that welcomes students to REK. It’s great looking and makes for an easy first impression!



After logging in, students are taken to the Member Dashboard. Before working PB Digital, members had go through the catalog to find their courses, and often didn’t know where to start, or what they should do first.


We designed and built a guided pathway for REK so that their students know what to do, and in what order to do it. Just like with a game (think old-school Mario) students can track their progress, and feel like they’re going on a journey.
The dashboard also includes various gamification techniques such as Daily Goal tracker, Points, Levels, Achievements, and more to make it more fun and engaging.

Daily Goal

To help REK students track their progress, they’re prompted to set a Daily learning goal. Achieving their daily goal adds a tick to the calendar, and students can unlock bonus achievements and rewards for hitting various learning streaks.

Custom LearnDash UI

Because REK use bright and engaging colors to engage their younger audience, we tweaked the UI that comes out of the box with LearnDash and BuddyBoss to reflect their branding guidelines, and make it a more exciting experience for their students.


At the centre of all our projects is a solid Gamification strategy, which is always powered by the GamiPress plugin, and supplemented with our custom designed UI and coding.

Gamification strategies we used are:

  • Points & Levels
  • Virtual Currency
  • Badges and
  • Achievements
  • Spin Wheel
  • Custom Avatar maker
  • and more…

Gear Store

After completing a certain number of courses, students can visit the REK Gear Store and redeem their coins for a variety of virtual items that allows them to modify their avatar.

It’s a fun way for students to show off their progress and give them a sense of accomplishment, while also keeping them engaged in the learning process.

Upsell Opportunities

According to Forbes, existing customers are 50 – 60% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more on average than new customers.

To help capitalise on this opportunity, we expose all features to members and should they click on an item they don’t own yet, they can easily find out more information and purchase the product.


To create a sense of community, we built a custom ‘Gallery’ feature where students can upload photos of their business so that they can share and celebrate their successes with fellow students.

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